LA is Going Gray!

Cruising around Los Angeles recently, a new trend is becoming increasingly apparent… Angelinos are going gray.  I’m not talking about their hair styles – although it does seem more fashionable to let the gray locks show than it was a few years ago, thank goodness.  No, I am referring to their cars.  It is becoming increasingly easy to tell when someone is driving a newer model vehicle, because so many of them are the same color, a sort-of matte finish dark gray.

©Mercedes-Benz 2015
©Mercedes-Benz 2015

I first saw this color appear on 2014 models at the LA Auto Show and since then have been seeing it hitting the streets with increasing regularity.  The color strikes me as a pleasing alternative to the flat black that was popular for about five minutes, three years ago.  Judging by how many cars this color are appearing on the road now I would guess that it appeals to people who would have otherwise purchased a silver, black or white car.

This is certainly not your grandfather’s gray car.  Just a few years ago, someone would have been apt to choose gray when they wanted a car color that didn’t stand out.  This gray is not that gray.  The new matte dark gray is definitely an attention grabber.  It really seems to show off every curve and angle of vehicles and looks good on everything from the Prius c (with the color name Magnetic Gray Metallic) to the Jeep Grand Cherokee (dubbed Granite Crystal), and even on sport luxury vehicles like the AMG GT S Coupe (elaborately entitled Magno Selenite Grey).

When it comes right down to it, this might be the most exciting thing to happen to the color gray since, well, ever.  The color has personality.  It can appear sleek, rugged, or sophisticated depending upon the make and model that’s wearing it.  And, for the sake of all the grandfathers who need new cars, never comes across as overly flashy.

One thought on “LA is Going Gray!”

  1. Reblogged this on Asian Woman Driver and commented:
    Matt Vasko of Super Eclectica is a good personal friend of mine, and he has just posted about a trend that’s increasingly popular in and around Los Angeles: matte automotive paint.

    Matte paint is usually found on high-end European cars, including some Mercedes AMG and similar models preferred by vain upper-class Asian immigrant motorists. But it’s also possible to get it on more modest rides like the Hyundai Veloster Turbo – or do an aftermarket repaint of an existing ride (though the results often are substandard).


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