When Jesus Visited the USA

The following is a parable.

Jesus Free Use

In the days after Jesus’ Resurrection, He walked the Earth. It’s a little-known fact that before He arose again to Heaven, He traveled across the seas and through time to visit the United States of America in the modern day. You see, being God, He could do this.

Jesus stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, like so many great orators before Him. Soon, realizing that it was The Risen Lord standing before them, a crowd of thousands gathered. Then, Jesus spoke. He said, “Come children and sit at my feet, for you are the most precious members of my flock.” And the children came and felt the comfort of His presence. Jesus continued, “My dear Americans, I visit you at a most tumultuous time. Your country is in chaos and there is a great deal of grief and strife. I have come to share with you again the same simple message I shared with others what probably seems like so very long ago.”

People crowded closer to Jesus, for they were sure that He was going to tell them how to cure their nation’s ills. He said, “Here is my message to you all in this place, at this time: Love one another.” A murmur spread through the throngs of gatherers for they were certain they must have misheard Him. Surely, His message could not be so simple for such a complex time. Jesus said, “I’ll repeat that again: Love one another. I look around your country and I see the same problem playing out in place after place… you have forgotten to love one another.”

Jesus said, “When you are wondering how to resolve the issues you are facing today, don’t ask ‘What would Jesus do?’ Instead, ask this: ‘Which choice is more like loving one another?’ For that is the true message of My life and My work. Love one another as I have loved you. Love one another despite your differences. Love one another even when you can’t seem to find common ground. And through your love you will find the right path forward.”

“Don’t fight. Don’t argue. Work together for the common good. Only through getting to know one another and realizing that you really aren’t all that much different will you be able to see how to fix your problems. Be kind. Forgive. Make peace. Know that My Father has made you all in His image and We love you all equally. So, love one another equally as well.”

And with that, Jesus bestowed a blessing upon them and left.

And their hearts were filled with the love of God Almighty. They hugged each other and cried out with joy! And from that day forward things started to improve. For Americans remembered to love each other.

The Future Has Arrived… And It’s Pissed Off!

There is a cultural shift happening in the United States. Young people are taking to the streets and demanding action on gun reform and school safety. The ones who are old enough are registering to vote. They are creating real change and it’s going to last.

The future leaders of our country are rising up. They are here to tell us that we have failed them so they are taking matters into their own hands. They’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take our inaction anymore.

I, for one, am glad to see it. Thank you young people for showing up and speaking up in a big way for the kind of common sense change that I’m still baffled we adults could not accomplish.

Some adults wouldn’t listen to other adults when we spoke up to try to protect you. So, hopefully they will listen to you. I hope you will help guide us to a brighter future.

Here’s my appeal to you, young people, if you are reading this. Don’t stop with school safety. Keep going. Call the adult world out on all of our B.S. Help us change our culture in ways we can’t seem to do on our own. Use your idealism to promote a future in which men and women are equal, where people of all colors are treated fairly by law enforcement, where peace prevails and love becomes the law of the land.

We hear you, Young America. Keep speaking, keep marching, keep striving to build the world you want to live in.