Thanks for visiting Super Eclectica!  I’m Matt Vasko and I am the primary contributor to this blog, posting to it the second and fourth week of the month.  I write on a variety of topics ranging from parenting to weight loss to space.   Writing thoughtful pieces excites me as much as crafting outright comedic ones.  I’m interested all kinds of life stuff and want to explore all of it.  Thanks for joining me.

I live in Los Angeles, California, USA, with my wife and boy/girl twins.  I’m a writer, speaker, and educator.  My work was featured on Pile of Babies.  I’ve written fiction, nonfiction, short plays, standup comedy, and voiceover scripts.  For a couple of years, I wrote educational v/o scripts for McGraw-Hill.

If you’d like to contact me about putting my skills to work for you, please do so using the form below.



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